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Arrival and depature times

Arrival at Chalet Fleur De Neiges: from 2pm Departure from Chalet Fleur De Neiges: by 10am

Hot Tub Guidance

Guests are reminded to replace the hot tub cover when not in use. Please replace cover immediately after use. This maintains temperature and ensures water remains clean and clear of debris. The hot tub has been set up to be ready to use and just requires guest to activate the jets. Please refrain from adjusting other settings. Guests are requested to change and enter the hot tub via the boot room door. This route avoids any steps and ensures water does not damage furniture throughout the chalet. There is a towel rack in the boot room to hang towels after use to dry. Guests are reminded to only use the coloured / striped towels provided for the hot tub. Guests should not use white bathroom towels in the hot tub. Should white towels be overly soiled due to use outside in the hot tub, a charge will be deducted from the guests deposit. Guests are reminded to not use glass glasses in the hot tub. Plastic glasses are available in the chalet. Guests are requested to not sit on sofas / beds straight from the hot tub whilst still in swimwear. Chlorine from the hot tub can stain the furniture and bedding Guests are reminded not to allow children to use the hot tub unaccompanied. Hot tub is not recommended for very young children.

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Medical Centres and pharmacists

Medical centre

388 route de la vallée du Bouchet
Le Grand-Bornand Village

Phone : +33 4 50 02 20 36
Phone : +33 15


67 route de Villavit -
Résidence Le Danay
Le Grand-Bornand Village

Phone : +33 4 50 02 20 38

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